Actual Class Size at Wilshire Park

Our mission to educate, prepare and inspire a community of lifelong learners in our small, caring environment and our school district is conscientious of class size from preschool through high school. 
A postcard was sent to all residents with information about teacher to student ratios at Wilshire Park.  Teacher to student ratios are calculated by the Minnesota Department of Education by the total number of students divided by the total number of licensed teachers in the building.  According to data collected by the Minnesota School Boards Association, our district has one of the highest licensed teacher to student ratios in the metro area. 

However, at our elementary school, we are concerned about class size.  In the 2016-17 school year, actual class sizes at Wilshire Park were:

20 students in kindergarten
22 students in first grade
23 students in second grade
25 students in third grade
29 students in fourth grade
31 students in fifth grade